More Wedding Tips

Here are a few questions to ask your potential DJ.

1.  What will you be wearing to our event?  MnM Sound DJs will wear Tuxes to all Formal events and Wedding Receptions unless otherwise advised by the Contracting party.  If we are advised that we are not required to adorn our formal wear, we will be arriving in Company Polo shirts and Slacks.  NO METALLICA SHIRTS AND SHORTS HERE!  🙂

2.  Will you setup before our guests arrive?  We always prefer to arrive and setup before your guests.

3.  Will you be able to help us plan our event?  We have an online music selection system and worksheets online for you to fill out.  I am available by phone and voicemail anytime you may have questions.  And email is king!  Any questions can be asked via email and answered the same way. We will also require a Bridal Meeting between your Master of Ceremonies, or lead DJ, and yourself about a week before your event.  At this meeting we will go over all of your thoughts and expectations and fine tune the event so everything runs smoothly and we have all the information we need.  This meeting can take place over the phone or in our office.

4.  How many people will you be bringing to help you at our event?  MnM Sound DJs can work small venues with one DJ/Master of Ceremonies, and larger venues with one DJ/MC and one DJ/Setup Man.  Your event is not a gathering of our friends.  It is a gathering of your families and friends.  All wedding events will have 2 MnM Sound Employees.

5.  Do you have extra equipment or a fail safe if you have equipment problems?  MnM Sound carries 2 full sound systems to every event.  One is in place, and the other is in our equipment van and can be setup in case of problems in under 15 minutes.  We also will have 2 music systems setup and often being used during the evening.  If one has a problem, the other is setup and ready to play at a moments notice.