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What do you charge?

Monday, April 30th, 2012

One question that I hear almost every time I find a request for a quote or on the phone from a future client is:  “What do you charge for 4 hours?”

Fortunately (or unfortunately) Brides and Grooms will ask this question before any other question, including “Are you available for X Date?”  It’s not your fault that you want to know the price before everything else.  We do it when we look at menus, shopping for cars, looking for toilet paper.  🙂

Here is what you should as your potential DJ:

“What are your services and pricing for wedding events?”

Of course you should ask that after you find out if they are available!  🙂

Our answer is this:  We specialize in wedding receptions and formal events.

We will be there to help you with every detail that we need to be involved with to make sure everything goes smoothly.  We are there to make sure your guests are comfortable, coordinate with the catering and the facility, work with your photographer/videographer, and make sure that you can relax and enjoy your special evening.

We understand that the evening has special timing points and events in themselves that are important to the success and enjoyment of the night.  We want your reception to be remembered by everyone, including your Grandparents!  We feel we have accomplished our job when your parents and grandparents thank us and give us praise.

When you hear comments like “The DJ was great, didn’t play the music too loud, but we were able to hear everything clearly” you know you hired the right entertainment company!”

Check out a few of our events on our videos page.

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More Wedding Tips

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Here are a few questions to ask your potential DJ.

1.  What will you be wearing to our event?  MnM Sound DJs will wear Tuxes to all Formal events and Wedding Receptions unless otherwise advised by the Contracting party.  If we are advised that we are not required to adorn our formal wear, we will be arriving in Company Polo shirts and Slacks.  NO METALLICA SHIRTS AND SHORTS HERE!  🙂

2.  Will you setup before our guests arrive?  We always prefer to arrive and setup before your guests.

3.  Will you be able to help us plan our event?  We have an online music selection system and worksheets online for you to fill out.  I am available by phone and voicemail anytime you may have questions.  And email is king!  Any questions can be asked via email and answered the same way. We will also require a Bridal Meeting between your Master of Ceremonies, or lead DJ, and yourself about a week before your event.  At this meeting we will go over all of your thoughts and expectations and fine tune the event so everything runs smoothly and we have all the information we need.  This meeting can take place over the phone or in our office.

4.  How many people will you be bringing to help you at our event?  MnM Sound DJs can work small venues with one DJ/Master of Ceremonies, and larger venues with one DJ/MC and one DJ/Setup Man.  Your event is not a gathering of our friends.  It is a gathering of your families and friends.  All wedding events will have 2 MnM Sound Employees.

5.  Do you have extra equipment or a fail safe if you have equipment problems?  MnM Sound carries 2 full sound systems to every event.  One is in place, and the other is in our equipment van and can be setup in case of problems in under 15 minutes.  We also will have 2 music systems setup and often being used during the evening.  If one has a problem, the other is setup and ready to play at a moments notice.

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Wedding Tips

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Hi all!  Matt with MnM Sound DJs here with a tip for you Brides trying to find a wedding dj.

I just contracted with a client that called in a little of a panic.  The DJ that they hired (or thought they hired) decided that he didn’t want to DJ anymore.  Well I guess when you want to quit you will.  Now after a little more talking, turns out that the “DJ” was a friend of the family who thought he would like to START a DJ service.


Now I won’t tell you that this guy isn’t good or anything like that.  I don’t know who it was or if he had any experience.  As far as I know he was a 19 year old that has a lot of MP3 music and thought DJing is just playing music.

Lucky for the client, I was available and the event will be planned just the way she wants it.

So what should you look for in a dj?  First, you should find a DJ that has at least a few years experience or a number of wedding events under his belt.  You should also find out if he “Specializes” in wedding events.  I know a lot of DJs that are on the bar scene and often work for $100 plus an open bar tab.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable in recommending any of those to work at a wedding reception.  The last thing you need is a Drunk DJ fumbling with his equipment.

I have 12 Years experience, my partner Brandan Baker has over 10 years experience with at least 300 wedding events and 3 years of DJing on Carnival and Disney Cruiseliners.

If you are trying to figure out what you should pay, look at your budget.  The magic number has been that you pay 10% of your event budget (add all your expenses, Food, Drinks, Dresses, Facility, etc.) to your entertainment.  That may seem like a lot, but when the average wedding these days is $10,000 or less, that could means that you should expect to pay $1000 or less.  I think the new number is closer to 5-7% of your total budget should be entertainment.  That puts the price around $500 – $700 for your DJ.

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Fort Wayne Wedding DJ Brown

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Fort Wayne Dj MnM Sound Djs, Austin and Chelsea Brown. February 11, 2012. The event (more…)

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Fort Wayne DJ Wedding Brown MnM Sound

Saturday, April 7th, 2012 http Fort Wayne Dj MnM Sound Djs, Austin and Chelsea Brown. February 11, 2012. (more…)

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Wednesday, April 4th, 2012 http Specializing in Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions, MnM Sound DJs is who you call (more…)

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